Derrick Lau

Apr , 11

Adani Global Pte Ltd recently again engaged the services of Ms. June Loh of Ritchie Creative for a 3rd phase of designing space planning and renovation works.

The works consisted of redesigning and renovating a section of the office which details combining 2 office cabins into one bigger room and increasing the original sitting capacity from 2 to 5, as well as putting in a new full height cupboard, a full-height featured wall for the mounting of the television set, installing new lightings for the area of renovation, and getting new fixtures and fittings for the office etc.

We were once again fully impressed by the professionalism and strong customer service and support from Ms. June and her team. The end project was far beyond the expectations of the company, and Ms. June showed us how much she can do to make an office looks very good. The team completed the renovation over the weekend, and the employees were able to start work immediately in the newly renovated area without issue.

We will not hesitate to engage Ms. June and her team again, for we know the quality she brings as well as the assurance and confidence that we can rely on her to get any renovation work completed on time, with outstanding results.

Keep up the good work Ms. June, and thank you Ritchie Creative Design for assigning Ms. June to us for our renovation Needs.

Derrick Lau

Assistant Manager

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