David Dhevarajulu

Apr , 13

We bought a resale HDB and wanted to renovate it as our retirement cum WFH home.
While we had a clear idea of what we wanted, we were open to good suggestions.
A number of IDs we visited did not offer us comfort or good ideas.
We heard about Richie and the reviews were good.
We paid a visit.
The first visit was good even for us to sign the contract.
The weeks and months that followed (we were in the middle of covid), endeared us to them.
Ronald and Wee were simply marvellous.
They spend hours asking the right questions and offering value-added inputs.
They visited us at our old place to understand what we liked and to take measurements of the stuff we wanted to keep.
They visited our new place, took detailed measurements and drew up a layout plan that captured what we wanted.
We went ‘shopping’ together for tiles and fittings.
They help to negotiate a good price and were around when the hacking, tiling, painting and wiring took place.
Thank you both for the great experience and for being our friends on this journey.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great ID.

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